Why telephone acquisition?

In the challenging economic situation it is imperative to strengthen the activities in sales. The flood of information and the increasing number of competitors make it necessary to find ways to win new customers. This must be done faster than the competition and must be cost-effective. The customer must feel well looked after and served and recognize that he has made the right choice. This can be achieved by addressing specific target groups and communicating directly with the customer. For this reason, telephone acquisition of new customers with the aim of making appointments is an important step in sales in order to increase the number of customers quickly and cost-effectively.

The telephone acquisition of new customers is an effective component in B2B sales.

  • Telephone calls are personal approaches and therefore attract more attention.
  • Questions or problems of the potential customer can be addressed immediately.
  • The sales force is supported and helped to make promising customer visits.

The potential customer is inundated with countless advertising messages, which are presented to him via posters, radio, television, magazines, flyers, Internet advertising.

The telephone enables communication between sender and receiver. The potential customer is not simply flooded with “messages”, but is given the chance to communicate, react and interact on the phone. The telephone conversation also offers the opportunity to create trust.

The two-way communication by telephone makes it possible to respond specifically to the respective customer, to determine his or her wishes and needs, to make him or her a tailor-made offer and to refute possible objections. Further positive results of a cold acquisition telephone call can be an appointment with the field representative and also gaining additional information about the respective customer.

For many salespeople, telephoning is an unpleasant task or there is no time for acquisition due to customer visits. In addition, increasingly saturated markets and ever stronger competition are coming. Only a professionally prepared and implemented telephone acquisition measure will lead to long-term success. A very good preparation is achieved by creating a concept, deploying trained personnel and creating a target group-specific telephone guide.

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Telemarketing – Telesales – Telephone acquisition – cold acquisition: Is it allowed?

One of the most important prerequisites for successful sales activities is the ability to make acquisitions. The telephone offers optimal possibilities to attach new contacts and to maintain old ones. In the Telefonakquise this is differentiated as cold and as warm Akquise. Cold acquisition refers to calls to contact potential customers with advertising or sales intentions to whom you have not had direct contact before. Warm acquisition refers to calls to business contacts with whom you have had prior contact. Telephone acquisition is equivalent to telemarketing and telemarketing.

According to German law, cold acquisition is only permitted for private customers with their express permission. Cold calling is generally not permitted with respect to tradespeople. For calling market participants who are not consumers, at least their presumed consent is required under § 7 (2) No. 2 TKG. The presumed consent must cover not only the content but also the way of advertising, i.e. the called trader must also agree to telephone advertising. Furthermore, the presumed consent must only be assumed if the calls relate to the actual business activity. (Judgment of the BGH of 24.01.1991, Az. I ZR 133/89).

Telephone acquisition is a possibility in sales of industrial customers to win new customers and to address the right target group directly and proactively. However, telephone acquisition requires know-how and knowledge that must be known in order to use this tool effectively and cost-effectively as a marketing instrument.

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