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December 2020

Fairs 2024


To meet our customers and prospects from the industrial, IT, and mechanical engineering sectors, we will be present at the following trade fairs in 2024. Please feel free to let us know when we can meet for a conversation that can advance your sales. HANNOVER MESSE 2024 HANNOVER MESSE is the world's leading trade [...]

Fairs 20242023-12-19T15:36:19+01:00

November 2020

No trade fairs – the grip to the phone is very close.


The current situation of the coronavirus pandemic has not spared the FMB trade fair. Now it will not take place in 2020 like many other fairs. However, the grip is very close to the telephone. Even the hit rate of the right contact person in the office is enormously high in view of the travel [...]

No trade fairs – the grip to the phone is very close.2020-11-04T12:31:31+01:00

September 2020

Sales and marketing belong together!


Sales and marketing belong together! Sales and marketing both pursue the same goal: safeguarding the company and growth of the company. Sales is a direct process in which the salesperson talks to the customer and steers him or her towards a purchase. This can be done in person, by phone or via a digital communication medium [...]

Sales and marketing belong together!2020-09-28T18:35:49+02:00

Industry 5.0 – The return of the human touch


"Smart Factory" and the Internet of Things, in which objects are networked and communicate digitally with each other, has long been in full swing. At the same time, a new trend is emerging to give production a more human touch again. We are talking about "Industry 5.0" or the collaborating industry. This renaissance of human [...]

Industry 5.0 – The return of the human touch2020-09-23T18:03:33+02:00

9 theses on the future of marketing and 5S building blocks for successful marketing in 2020


Digitisation poses challenges to marketing organisations and decision-makers that rarely affect just individual company divisions, but rather the entire corporate strategy, corporate culture, organisation and all operational processes. For this reason, it is not surprising that digital projects, initially supposedly isolated, quickly require a complete change process in all areas of the company, often combined [...]

9 theses on the future of marketing and 5S building blocks for successful marketing in 20202020-09-23T18:03:49+02:00

Distribution of technical products


Distribution of technical products The sale of technical products follows its own rules. In most cases, these goods are innovative products and services which require a relatively high level of explanation. Such aspects are also relevant when it comes to acquiring new customers, as this requires more time or a more effective approach. A well [...]

Distribution of technical products2020-09-23T11:10:51+02:00

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