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Our partners

We are well networked to provide our customers with comprehensive solutions. We are in various cooperations and work with companies that offer consulting services in the field of information and communication technologies.

As a sales specialist we are partner of the cooperation network Johannes Müller Wirtschaftsberatung (BDU).

The long-established competence network consists of renowned and innovative business IT, finance, sales, marketing and human resources experts with many years of professional experience and a wide range of qualifications in various fields and industries. Together with specialists, we can respond to the needs of our customers in a targeted manner.
Further information on: Johannes Müller Wirtschaftsberatung (BDU)

We have been awarded the quality label ” Unternehmensgründung aus der Universität Paderborn.

The quality label is awarded by TecUP (formerly UniConsult) according to defined criteria to selected companies that continue to maintain their relationship with the University of Paderborn. These criteria include, for example, that the core business of the spin-off is in the technology and knowledge intensive area. Furthermore, the founders must have studied, received a doctorate and/or taught at the University of Paderborn and have obtained the approval of the university management. The press release can be found here: Pressemitteilung Universität Paderborn

Authorized advisor of the “Offensive Mittelstand – Good for Germany

As a partner of the “Offensive Mittelstand” we support small and medium-sized companies in optimizing their processes and organizational procedures.
The “Offensive Mittelstand” is a national initiative. The partners have come together to promote a new quality of work in Germany for small and medium-sized companies based on the guiding principles.

Successful medium-sized companies are healthy and innovative enterprises. As an independent SME network of the Initiative New Quality of Work, the Offensive Mittelstand helps to ensure that as many SMEs as possible are successful and remain competitive.

We are a member of the technology network InnoZent OWL e.V.

InnoZent OWL e.V. covers the topics of computer and engineering sciences as well as information and communication technologies (ICT).
InnoZent OWL e.V. brings companies and technologies together in order to initiate the successful development and introduction of product, procedure and process innovations in companies. The members come from companies, universities, research institutions and business-related organizations.

Cross-industry networking and cooperation offers for companies, initiation of cooperation with research and higher education institutions, lobbying at state and federal level as well as the concrete support of project applications for federal and NRW funding programs complete the range of services.

InnoZent OWL e.V.

We are member of Magnet F

MagNet F is a network for female entrepreneurs and female executives from the Paderborn economic area. Through the exchange of information and experiences, the members of MagNet F benefit in the form of new business contacts and ideas for managerial and entrepreneurial everyday life. At the same time, MagNet F supports projects that contribute to improving the visibility and positioning of women in business.

Target groups of the network MagNet F:

  • Women entrepreneurs and female managers

Groups to be supported:

  • Career-oriented or future managers, young women in career orientation as well as entrepreneurs and female managers

Cooperation partners:

  • Other networks of women entrepreneurs (local, regional and supra-regional), companies and authorised representatives of companies, bodies and institutions (business-related)

You can find further information about dates and events on  MagNet F