Sales consulting

Together we define which target group is the right one for your product or service.

Defining the target group is a difficult topic for many entrepreneurs, but it is not to be neglected. Knowledge of the target group makes it possible to optimize one’s own products and services and adapt them to the needs of the customers.

Which group of market participants do you want to reach with your marketing measure in order to sell products or services to them?

The group consists of potential future customers and consumers. The characters within a target group should be as homogeneous as possible, so that the marketing campaign you use can be targeted and a minimum wastage is guaranteed.

We are your strategic sales partner for implementing your sales goals.

We design your telemarketing campaigns and derive customized strategies and measures!

Telemarketing campaigns are temporary actions by companies, usually with the aim of gaining customers. The campaign is often controlled by the marketing or sales department. Once the campaign objectives have been achieved or the planned campaign period has expired, the campaign is terminated.

The implementation of a good telemarketing campaign is also subject to its rules. A good preparation and an evaluation of a campaign round off a good campaign.

We carry out the telephone acquisition for you and prepare the telephone acquisition guide in advance.

Phone calls with unknown persons usually do not take long. A conversation partner decides early on whether to take the time to talk or to try to get rid of the caller quickly.

In a customer call on the phone, it only takes a few seconds for the caller to get a picture of the person he is talking to.

Working with a good conversation guide makes it possible to influence conversations to your own advantage. Calls must be well prepared. The conversation guide is the red thread for the conversation and also contains arguments and objections.

Seminars and telephone trainings for sales staff

If you would like to carry out customer acquisition by telephone yourself, we will coach your sales staff and provide telephone training with telephone acquisition examples.

Our seminars teach you how to act competently on the phone, how to recognize needs by listening carefully and asking questions and how to create a positive atmosphere in conversations with your counterpart. You will learn more about successful, friendly, customer-oriented and binding telephone communication.

Possible contents are:

  • Basics of communication
  • Basics of conversation management
  • Customer orientation on the phone
  • The successful questioning technique on the phone
  • The right strategies for telephone acquisition
  • Positive and conscious communication
  • Argumentation techniques on the phone
  • Customer’s buying signals on the phone
  • Dealing with stress and tension

These topic contents are only suggestions for your seminar and can be individually adapted and expanded. Our telephone training methods consist of a mixture of theory and practice.